Don't Prevent The Extraordinary


Becoming a source-knower and a source-seer could make the world around you evolve more rapidly than ever. Today, laws that yogis have known and lived by for centuries are only just being discovered and explored by science. It is time to allow this magical half to raise its voice in the midst of the logical roar. Learning to work with this magic is as important as knowing to work with logic. A new understanding of your surroundings that calls for release of all limitation. Extinguish every small biased thought and let go of all that prevents the extraordinary.

The world happens to you and through you. Observing the world as one collective being, like a handfull of sand where all the separate grains move together, you leave a blessing. Without judgment, but with forgiveness. Because forgiveness heals whereas judgment traps.

Energy flows where your attention goes, so focus on that which heals. The blessings of this world are right there at your thought-tips.