Don't Expect to Fit In


Think of this largest moon in the context of the cosmic play, where there’s nothing but perfect balance, and perfect balance produces perfect stasis . . . the calm depths that would ultimately become stagnation. As the world slides further into darkness, realize that darkness breaks all the cosmic laws, and when these laws are broken, evolutionary progress is triggered to rise out of its stagnation. This is what’s happening in this very moment, and it will get even more profound . . . some of the most liberating pain ever will release you into the wild. And whenever a wild animal, which you’re now becoming, gets cornered, it becomes its strongest. The current swarm of darkness is not just registering in your psyche; it's not just registering in your emotions, it's registering in your DNA, because the consequences of this dark unconsciousness is threatening all life on Earth. Get in touch with the animals and the wild animals; get in touch with the plants; get in touch with your own genetics; get in touch with your ancestors; get in touch with all of this and it will give you the accumulative strength to uncover deep answers; to manifest solutions; to be the antithesis and the antidote to the darkness that’s swarming everywhere. For in the midst of all the darkness and danger of these times, and the coming times, you'll feel the greatest pressure mixed with your greatest strength . . . your wildness. In the midst of the natural doubts that accompany this awareness of massive strength, you might be tempted to ask the ‘self-distracting’ question, "Don't they know better?" Rest assured, the answer is a resounding NO. There's no way they can know better . . . they're not evolved enough to know better; they're not prepared enough to know better; they can't see over the fence of time far enough -- not even on their tiptoes -- to know better. Ignorance is at times an absolute blackout, and this is one of those times. Our prayer is that you embrace your wild; that you inhale your deep strength; wrap your arms around all that it exposes; find the hidden solutions in these disbelieving times . . . believe you’re a savior, a prophet, a master, and don't expect to fit in.