Don't Be Shy, Be Creative


The great master Yogi Bhajan used to say, “Make up the words that serve the purpose and the moment, because every word was made up by someone at some moment...don’t be shy, be creative.” There are many methods in which words in all languages are formed...the study of word origins is etymology. One of these methods forms words from other words, creatively adding them together to provide additional meaning. These new words--the combinations--are conjoined words...two or three shorter words put together. Often, over time, the new longer word can compress and distort through pronunciation, it loses the connection and distinction of the previous words.

Great masters would ‘realize origins’ in life--the conjoined word is religion. Forgive is to ‘give forward’ from the past that was hurtful to the present that is new. Responsibility is the ‘ability to respond’ in order to succeed. Appreciate is ‘a’ ‘pre’ and ‘ciate’--no previous sensation--just the pure experience of what is. To successfully navigate the opinions, decisions, and attitudes of this chaotic world--words are like having an absolute GPS that keeps you on point. This is like the North Star was to the ancient mariners, it stays connected to something meaningful while in the midst of everything that seems stormy. There’s a realization: language--the ‘length gauge’, measures the communication. This is handy when a conversation is ‘responsible’ and ‘appreciates’ this measure...creativity meets the rational. These are essential points for education to truly educate, and these have gone missing from schools today...then children go missing...they just drop out. There must always be creativity, and this must always have authority. You must have the right to create as you go along. Not that you make up the truth, but you describe the truth in creative ways so that it rings true in the psyche.

Our prayer is that you keep your brain engaged with your education throughout life; that you’re always learning and never consider yourself anything other than brilliantly creative...every life is.

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