Diving In


Fear is like an ocean – time doesn’t warm up the water as you shiver and wait. Entering slowly doesn’t make it any easier either. The cold does not get erased by the amount of “waiting until you are ready.” Time is an illusion – if you are not ready now, you’re not ready ever. “What is to be already is” (Humee Hum Brahm Hum). Until you make your readiness active, it is sleeping.

Being ready is an action to act upon, not a condition to wait for.

It is the courageous act of facing fears that are always present, in everyone. It is facing these fears until they no longer control and limit you. It is about connecting with your projection, not your protection.

Courage is entering time to maximize it, not running ahead of it, or lagging behind.

Running ahead of time means you become anxious and jittery, while lagging behind leaves you exhausted. Pay the greatest attention to your positive, committed emotions at this moment. Be disciplined to experience, without acting upon, the negative voices that naturally arise to create opposition.

This may be a big challenge, but dive in. Deal with the cold waters – it will never get any warmer, but the swim will always turn out to be fabulous.