Divine Fire


1.75 million year ago, right in the middle of the time between now and when we mastered standing, an event took place. We discovered God because God is always that projection of consciousness in the urge to reunite and God became fire. Somebody reached into the burning forest, noticed that the stick was only burning on one end and picked up the end that wasn't burning and said, “I have captured it”. Now it probably took us fifty thousand years of observing that forest burning in order to figure that out and we passed that information on from generation to generation. The person who had taken the risk with great courage and reached in and picked up the stick and said, “I can now help you with this fire. It will no longer destroy you, it will warm you.” It took them thousands and thousands of years to learn the fact that they could actually cook things with it. The person who was able to pick up the fire became the prophet of the time and the religion worshiped fire. The prophet of that time was known as the fire keeper. Language hadn't even developed yet and so all of this was done in mime. Then a million years later, after trial and trials and watching flint rocks spark at night as it would fall off a cliff and hit more rock. In the areas in which humans developed, there were tremendous amounts of flint stone. They observed this for tens of thousands of years. Then somebody sitting all by themselves realized they could achieve that same spark, a million years after, someone “captured God” and became the prophet of the times. For a million years the fire keeper was the prophet. Suddenly there was a new prophet on the horizon, the fire maker.

God was still fire but there was a new prophet. The prophet that could make a fire from nothing. During this time, two things expanded our frontal lobes. The northern populations were eating meat, the southern populations weren't. The reason the northern populations were eating meat was because they had no other food because every twelve thousand years an Ice Age would roll down. We are currently eleven thousand nine hundred years into what is known as an interglacial period, which having done core samples in ice from Greenland and Antarctica, they know that no interglacial period (the period between Ice Ages), has ever lasted longer then twelve thousand years. Welcome to global warming, which triggers an Ice Age and it is happening at a much faster rate because of what we are doing as humans.

So the northern two-leggeds were eating meat. The southern two-leggeds weren't. Eating meat and cooking tuberous roots expanded the frontal lobe. Expanding the frontal lobe caused so much to happen. The main change being that language developed. But it wasn't a communicative language; it was what is known as a communicative language, an indicative language. It was a one word language, one word command.