Come to Harmonic Solutions 

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This is a brutal time on Mother Earth, and the Mother is being brutalized . . . women are being exploited . . . their bodies disrobed, displayed and disregarded to increase sales, promote ideas, and then raped for the shallow satisfaction of mindless, senseless, brutal pleasures. At the root of this insanity there’s a common fact -- every life comes from a female body. Whether you’re male, or female of any specie, you come from a female body. In your unconscious asleep-ness, you’re unaware of the foundational longing in life . . . to return to the safe embrace of your origins . . . nurtured on the breast . . . safe inside the womb . . . a sense of fresh beginnings. This is at the base of every life’s desire; at every age of development, until the higher consciousness overrides these instinctual behaviors with more intuitive revelations. This urge is ignorant and dangerous; it’s only nurtured with the layers of safety provided by the image of a mother.

Every aggressive activity is unconsciously trying to impress it, or blindly reaching into darkness to possess it. The more unconscious this is, the darker the actions become, and the more entitled the perpetrator attacks . . . a survival triggered deep in the selfish self. This is being displayed all the way to the top of the current male power structures. When you understand these brutal acts in this way, you hold the perpetrators responsible, but not with disdain . . . a deep understanding locates solutions across their corrupted generational bloodlines. Connection with these solutions allows you to use harmonic duties, rather than repeating punishments. This is what you, the saints and sages of this time, must come to . . . harmonic solutions.

Our prayer is that you heed this call; that you recognize the challenge to women and to the Mother Earth . . . take charge of finding solutions . . . the world is watching and waiting for you. 

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