Disrupt Your Doubts

OCT 14.png

Teaching and learning are the introduction of unique information into the doubts of primal chaos, and the blank pages at the innocent surfaces. Every morning you awaken to the possibilities within these two positions . . . primal chaos within blank pages. It’s here that you have a split second, a moment of choice as to how you want to play your day . . . the highly stimulating and invigorating primal chaos within the blank pages of unknown time are at your service. This is a spectral opportunity -- there’s not any exclusive position of one without the other that you can take. It‘s entirely up to you to determine the recipe of your time, and from that point forward throughout your day, you’ll be working with this mixture in all that you do.

In order to teach, or learn effectively, you must choose enough primal chaos to disrupt your doubts, and then maintain sufficient blank pages to sketch life with complete innocence. In other words, assure the student within you and around you that your doubts and blanks are equally important . . . do not to condemn either one. When introducing new concepts into a doubting moment, it’s essential to use these polarities from the beginning. Engage both the negatives and positives within the environment -- blend the threatened forces of conflict while introducing harmonic intervals of innocence. Then, it’s your obligation to cultivate curiosity within this chaos, for with curiosity -- as an alternative to feeling threatened -- you shift the world of competition into a world of compassion.

Our prayer is that you’re into this play of opposites; that you ride the waves of tension, pressure, stress and friction as propulsion, not revulsion, and with this propulsion, you reach the lands of your visions to fulfill your purpose as a living combination of primal chaos painted with doubt, confidence and innocence onto blank pages . . . a future of time that’s always been. 

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