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Making mistakes is a sign of growth; of trying something brand new, or so unusual that you don’t recognize it. There can never be growth without trying something new -- there cannot be growth without mistakes. Making mistakes is rewarded by nature, it’s the elimination of possibilities on the road to accomplishment. Evolution has been deeply studied; it attempts up to fifty thousand different efforts before it finds one that causes growth, survival, progress and prosperity. Scientists, studying this phenomenon of evolution, have marveled at the absolute forgiveness within nature . . . this is the forgiveness that allows the failures to learn, rather than experience guilt in failure . . . guilt shuts down curiosity . . . curiosity is essential to growth. In the schools now, children must be rewarded for all efforts -- the ones that are totally correct, and the ones that are wrong.

There can be no scholastic competitions -- because life, at the level of the current evolution, is not a comparison -- it’s an expression . . . every expression is unique like the print of the fingers, and the pattern of the iris. This will begin to educate children toward peace . . . the peace required for human life on Earth to survive. We’ve reached the point in our evolutionary progress where there are no longer any threats except the ones that humans are creating themselves. Once reaching this point -- on any planet -- the life-system has only a limited number of generations to turn all its efforts into benevolent ones. Without this shift away from the self-induced crisis -- the crisis will evolve faster than survival -- the system will implode and self-destruct . . . that’s the nature of evolution. Either peace evolves, or violence evolves, whichever is made more important.

Our prayer is that you make all the mistakes that are required for you to grow with the peace in your heart; that you educate your children to be compassionate not competitive; that you reward their mistakes so that they love their curiosity . . . and with this love they will build their prosperous world. 

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