Discover the Abundant Opportunities


In every moment, every possibility is available . . . if not from the material realm, then from the massively abundant dark-matter, or pre-matter. These are the stem-cells of matter; you open their possiblilities by opening your beliefs, and reducing your doubts. With doubt, you will struggle, and push, and you may achieve your goals with great effort. Faith on the other hand, uses the leverage of your beliefs, employing the entire supply of these stem cells, to achieve your achievements with ease. Belief is always a mixture . . . it's your imagination mixed together with what you claim is reality . . . this forms what you 'believe' . . . is . . . or can be real. What this reality is -- for you -- then establishes another opinion; draws a new conclusion, and produces an even deeper belief. When life accelerates -- like it is in these present days -- the doubtful ‘ancient evolutionary impulse’ is always triggered . . . survival first. This survival reaction asks -- “Where’s the danger?” Then, you add the accelerating social energy, thickening the pot of global pressures -- like the very nature of today -- and there appears to be more danger than ever before. Doubt will identify it all, just to feel more safe. The new evolution however, as opposed to this ancient survival mode, is the realization that there's always an equal amount of opportunity, to any danger . . . you note the danger, and you've found an opportunity. Knowing how to steer your vessel of life toward opportunity, while still knowing the danger lurks in the shadows, is the skillset of humanology and kundalini . . . the advanced sciences of being a complete and conscious human. Our prayer is that you take the courage, each day, to discover the abundant opportunities that "lurk" in the shadows . . . right there alongside the dangers. They are related by the laws of nature . . . there's always a balance. Use the danger to locate your new opportunity, and the shadow, with all its danger, becomes your friend.