Discipline Your Emotional Energies


There are many forms of yoga, meditation and spiritual practice. Often these practices recommend not eating the trinity roots -- onion, garlic and ginger -- because these foods are considered too (tamasic) . . . emotionally and sexually stimulating. When the purpose of a spiritual practice is to elevate life beyond the emotions -- being emotionally and sexually stimulated can be counterproductive. The kundalini energy is an energy of your higher awareness; it’s naturally dormant and rests at the 'dan-t'ian' point, a physical nerve center in the middle of the lower abdomen . . . the same region that contains these emotional and sexual energies. In Kundalini yoga and meditation there are specific purposes for stimulating this area. It not only awakens these emotional energies -- it awakens the dormant kundalini. When the energy of the kundalini uncoils under this stimulation, it moves from the lower centers, to the heart center, and then from the heart center, into the higher centers of awareness. The 'trinity roots' can play a key role -- they energize the base; stimulate the sexual and emotional energy; then stabilize and align the preliminary channel . . . the key is discipline. With proper discipline, this sexual/emotional energy transmutes into spiritual energy . . . it can be used in everything from sublime sex, to being sublimely enlightened. The nature of a kundalini practice is not only to become sublimely enlightened, but to be fully involved in the world . . . this is called an “enlightened householder.” The difference between these roles – ‘worldly’ and ‘spiritual’ -- are merely angles of perception. Like the emotions of fear and excitement -- they are the exact same sensations with simple shifts in the angle of perception. Excitement looks toward hope -- fear looks away from hope. By stimulating and raising the kundalini, you master these angles . . . not only finding hope, but transmuting your fears into excitement, and then excitement into inspiration. Our prayer is that you discipline your emotional energies and shift their angles of perception into experiencing your highest experience . . . this is being alive . . . practice being alive.