Disassemble the Old During Mercury in Retrograde, Imagine the Change You Want to See in This World, Plant the Seeds on the New Moon


Be grateful for what you have . . . be grateful for all you are. See this body as a sacred vessel carrying you from where you are to who you are. You are always connected to where you are heading, while being exactly where you are right now. This is the progression of your evolution . . . from the eternal source — to the infinite sea.This is what we yogis call 'The River'. Your opportunity opens up when you become conscious of the river's total journey; relishing in your distant connection to this ocean (your destination) while enthusiastically embracing your moment in the journey (your now).

The cosmos (including Earth) has no vacancies — this is [its] absolute nature. When any movement (physical or mental) takes place at your location, equal movement simultaneously takes place at your destination. When you occupy the total space (The River) in this way, you are embracing not only your movement in this moment, but also the momentum of your complete vision.

You are now working with the 'Oneness' nature of creation . . . GOD . . . (the omnipresent provider) responding to the conscious openness in your request (your vision). Be very disciplined to not introduce doubt into this equation; it clouds the accuracy and disrupts the efficiency of the process.

This is the science of manifestation . . . using the power of intention — linked through the clarity of your vision — linked to persistent proper action — linked to the absolute nature of the cosmos (grace). This is what it means to become 'The River' . . . this is what it means to manifest the ocean.