Dirt Doesn't Run Downhill, it Sits


Yogi Bhajan always said : ''Being upset is a set up''. Don't set yourself up to be upset. You need to abolish these incredibly absurd opinions because actually they're not your opinions either. They're genetically programmed. You learned them both through your DNA, you also learned them in the womb and then you learned them fresh out of the womb. In the first forty days of your life, you learned how to respond to gravity. You saw your mom and dad responding to gravity. You didn't understand their words yet but you saw it in their faces, you saw it in their bodies. You saw it in the light and from the angle of the light in their eyes and you began to formulate your pattern as to how you were going to interpret gravity . . . how you were going to interpret pressure . . . how you were going to interpret friction . . . how you were going to interpret tension and how you were going to interpret stress.

Dirt doesn't run downhill, dirt sits. It's being affected by gravity but it's not being physically affected by gravity as much as water is. Where is all the water going? To the center of the earth, but the ocean just happens to catch it before it gets there.

The force of gravity is a point of no dimension, which is really hard for us to interpret with our human brain. It's a point of no dimension at the center of any mass, the point of no dimension that has more force than anything around it. If it had a dimension, it would have a measurement. If it had a measurement there would be a discord between where the water was being drawn to.

The force of gravity wouldn't exist if it had a dimension.