Dignity, Clarity and Grace


There comes a moment in every non-violent lifetime, where all the inactions of passivity must give way to the actions of solidity while maintaining the dedication to nonviolence. This forceful position, with its dedication to purpose, cannot contain the slightest violence of thought or emotion in order to be truly effective. There can be no victims, not even the self, for in that case the violence is toward the self. That's an effort for sympathy . . . solidity and clarity are the polarities of sympathy . . . they are a power and leverage beyond these physical dimensions . . . beyond spacetime. It honors the self; stands by standards; lives by principles, and doesn't give an inch in its rightfulness. Completely exhalted, this position remains authentic and honest in each action . . . going about the business of rightfulness in a destiny that's already written. In this leverage, you access the laws of nature; the laws of the cosmos, and address the laws of humanity, while going about the business of clarity, dignity and grace. As one of non-violence, it's not your role to be abused, it's your responsibility to hold those responsible for their responsibilities. And in this way, you're a servant of good, you're a steward of life . . . you're a force for that rightfulness. It's now the time for passivity to refuse to be indolent and rise up to the call for fairness. Not every moment will honor this position, but eventually this position will become the most honorable . . . as it honors the commitment to rightfulness and benevolence. It's your task to draw a line of intolerance within tolerance -- be the warrior and the sage -- act solidly in your stance to defend the line. For those who are allowed to step over such a line, would then practice their brutality without the slightest regard . . . and human life, with all of its capacities for violence and indifference, would become intolerable.

Our prayer is that you are non-violent in your thoughts, words and deeds; that you're accountable and hold others to the same standard; that you work supporting life, and live within the principles of that work . . . keeping the lines of dignity, clarity and grace in line.

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