Die Before You Die


The less ignorance you can get away with, the less freedom you have in the outside bondage. Once you surrender the outside bondage, you become completely liberated through the inside. The more you try to achieve freedom on the outside, the more bound you become, the more shackled, the more enslaved. So the passage way is like the narrow of an hourglass. That's why frogs are so sacred. That's why butterflies are so sacred. They actually have to pass through a death from childhood to adulthood. Could you image doing it in reverse? When you get to be thirteen years old, you have to stick you head in water and begin to breathe that. It would be so shocking very few would go through with it. Yet it is programmed into the frog that it is born a fish and it evolves to an amphibian. When the caterpillar goes into the womb and turns into that chrysalis, when it goes through the metamorphosis, it actually turns to liquid and in that liquid is the programming for the reformation of the body. It doesn't just sprout wings. It actually liquefies and reconstitutes. It completely disintegrates. In order for us to move from our animal nature -- our pure animal nature --into our human nature, our luminous body, our light body -- we must surrender completely or as Guru Nanak said: ''Die before you die''.