We work on two systems of the nerves both the sympathetic and the parasympathetic, the central nervous system. We work on the ones above the diaphragm and we work on the ones below the diaphragm. The ones above the diaphragm are known as the brachial nerves and the brachial nerves are all about caring and sharing.

Everything from the diaphragm up is about caring and sharing, caring and sharing for the self and caring and sharing for others. From the diaphragm down is the sciatic system and it's all about motivation. Motivation doesn't mean like motivated. It means motorized, that which can get you around. That which can get you around so that you can care and share somewhere. Then it will get you around so that you can care and share somewhere else.
Everything is about caring and sharing. Everything, from technology to agriculture, everything is caring and sharing. What is the second most rapid use of technology on the net? Even the first is about caring and sharing. Social networking, the first is sexual networking but we won't go there. It's all about caring and sharing. There is this whole thing called the viral nature. It's something that can multiply rapidly from a distributed source, not a central source. A viral nature distributes itself from many locations. Just like that experiment we all did in high school biology in the peach tree dish. It reaches a tipping point. It takes ninety-five percent of the time elapsed of the experiment to fill the peach tree dish and the last five percent you fill the last fifty percent. Leverage and advantage is the key to viral distribution. The same thing holds true in our consciousness. Once you get to that place where you begin to operate your system, you go into that state of dynamic silence, you get a sense of where you are, you clearly understand where you are because you are devoid of all of your desires and of all of your things that create tension in your atmosphere and so you can sense clearly, it's called self-sensory. You hold that impression for long enough to get the solution. Everything in your life can be done with this and it will all be successful.
Our problem is that we override with “yea buts”. Yea but I want it. Yea but I need. Yea but I have to. Yea but, yea but. A very simple mantra that works is, I am equal to my image. Is there anybody in here who is not equal to their image? In other words, your nose is not your nose? Your voice is not your voice? Your brain is not your brain? It's a silly question isn't it? My image is equal to the mirror and the mirror is everything around you. You bring your image and it strikes the mirror and you get a message from everything. Everybody who looks at you gives you a message with a look. You need to learn to read the messaging and you will be able to know what it is that you are in everyone's eyes.