Devotion is a State of Being


Emotions have objects and sometimes they even have translations of sensations attempting to interpret the reasons and effects of spacetime. Devotions -- like joy, love, faith, trust and inspiration have no objects, and are never weaponized. They’re vast swaths of extra-sensory freedoms without measure, or limitation of space and time. The power of prayer, meditation, contemplative intuition and insight are all powers of devotion. If life were a film in the theater of this world, devotions would be the power to access the projector room and alter the ultra-high-density hologram that’s on the film of existence before it’s shown. In this way devotions alter the light that constructs the projection of life into spacetime...actually changes the sensations of time within the illusions of space.

This is a perfect gift to have in today’s world of corrupted projections, false refractions, and self-centered reflections. You’re seeing everywhere, on a daily basis, people breaking down under the layers of their own emotions...not even slightly supported by any system currently in place to advocate solutions. Devotion is not a devotion to something -- that’s an allegiance, or an alliance -- devotion is a state of being. At the sensory level of the material universe, there are rules and laws, but devotion -- like infinity -- has no rules, or’s limitless. Devotion can randomly generate the advantages of a self-guiding path...the random creation of order in a field of chaos.

The whole-cloth of ‘what-is’ can be altered when devotions break the sensory spell. Wisdom keepers use this in their actions so that the equal reactions disappear into an impending miracle. Right here, right now, those who know this art and technology must teach those who need it.

Our prayer is that you give this perfect gift of devotion to the world of projections, refractions, and reflections; that you enable people’s ability to create alternatives where they’re needed so desperately, and give these gifts for the betterment of all, to make love, joy, faith, trust and inspiration, popular and commonplace on Earth.

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