Developing the Senses to Perceive


The origins of the quantum discovery lie precisely a century ago; in November 1915 Einstein presented his revolutionary theory of gravity. You must remember that before and after this discovery and revelation, gravity was always affecting life in exactly the same way. There are many other massively mysterious forces within you and around you; they affect your every moment . . . yet you are not aware of them in any way. Before the world understood gravity, the Earth was thought to be flat. Until humanity understands these other forces, there will always be a bit of a flat-Earth of some kind . . . somewhere. Until you develop the senses to perceive, there will be realities you can't believe. Just in the simplest terms: dogs hear sounds that you cannot; butterflies see colors that you cannot, and yogis have taught of many forces, for thousands of years, that most people don't believe are real. As an example: you have an electromagnetic field, an 'aura' surrounding you, as does every "living" object in nature; this field can both transmit and receive information with other life immediately around you and at great distances. In order to take full advantage of this force, you must attune your subtle senses to detect it, process it, and re-transmit with it. All adventures into the subtle world outside of easily measured logic -- into the world of maagic (spelled intentionally) -- are journeys into the other half of the universe-megaverse-multiverse where our senses and our scientific instruments can't detect or define. There will be remarkable discoveries in this magical realm over the next few years -- discovering what has always been there -- but only now is beginning to be understood. This is the next 'age of enlightenment'. Our prayer is that you are open to learning all you can about this universe's other half -- the half that makes this a better place; to be inspired and use this knowledge for the benevolent advantage of everyone; to consider imagining miracles whenever you are stuck, to consider offering kindness wherever you feel you can't; to consider being considerate . . . always.