Destiny in Your Palms


Part Six: The psycho-emotional-energetics throughout your body plays a powerful role in guiding and forming your life . . . far beyond the obvious physical nature of the body. It's the whole picture -- the holistic picture. These additional functions are critical to human consciousness evolving into humane awareness. The entire Universe is in a state of total balance, this is the nature of nature . . . it allows all matter to exist. Balance is the equation; within this balance, at the core of nature, is where the ignition point of human life is positioned -- and humans can choose balance, or not. The parts of your body most connected to this position are your arms, hands, and fingers -- they capture the attention of life, and take an active role in sharing and caring beyond self interest . . . or making it about the self . . . they can give and take. On the surface of your palms there's a window into this experience . . . the lines of your palmistry are a map of this destiny. Every bend; each fold of your hands places a tiny pressure on the nerves directly below these lines in the surface of your palms . . . it's accu-pressure. There's 72,000 nerves ending at the surface of your palms; each nerve connects to a gland, organ, part, or system throughout your anatomy. These glands and organs produce peptides and hormones that govern your emotional presence. The other parts and systems carry this presence as the presentation of your persona. Arms and hands directing your attention; the nerves of the glands and organs connecting to your emotional presence; emotional presence connected to this attention creates your persona . . . all of this coordinating to balance with the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. This whole mechanism connects your attention to your emotional body -- to your mental focus -- to your destiny. Our prayer is that you desire this balance; that you desire to consciously connect through this window of destiny in your palms; to direct your daily focus and attention onto the possibilities, which become the opportunities, turning into actions to build the dreams of your purpose . . . all with just the "wave" of your arms, hands and fingers.