Destiny and Success


You were born to lift the world, but hold on a minute . . . before you can do that, you have to get over your lack of alignment. You have to get over your need to be identified. The crazy thing is, the moment you get over that need to be identified, you'll be genuinely identified. That’s the paradox: as long as you want an identity, your identity is very tiny.Please understand that your lack of alignment is your assignment: Your lack of alignment and the degree to which you are misaligned is the task you’ve been given. If you pull that off in this life, there is a prize waiting for you. You'll get best-picture award. Really, you will. All we need is a few thousand of us—one in a million—and the whole planet will change. To be precise, that's about sixty-five hundred of us. The ticket to ride is called fearless wisdom. In the path of fearless wisdom, failure represents courage. In what world is that, you ask? Well, failure means you tried something you didn't know how to do. That is what courage is: failure represents courage, and all success requires failure.