Desires—Your Gifts Revealed


There are clues about your gift in your desires. When you say: '' I desire that this should happen but I don't think it will ''…you've just recognized a clue to your gift and then denied your Self the opportunity to expose your gift. Now this is very normal conversation, this is a very social way of being. What does your gift have to say in this world? Galileo was driven to his gift because his desire was to discover more and more. He was discovering and they heard that they had discovered this thing called a telescope. So he went and got one and brought it back to Italy. He was discovering the clues of his desires.

What are you desires? Big ones and little ones…Think of a little one you have. The desire can be little and it can be big but remember desires are markers on the path to your gift and your gifts accumulate and create a path to your destiny. The reason for you being on earth is the accumulation of your gifts.

Trust that you will get there. How do you honor that polarity if you're in a singularity? Trust that it is going to happen.