Depth of Trust in Relationships


A physical/chemical attraction is the simple comparison of angles, genetic patterns at the core structure of your DNA. In this core of all DNA are crystals that refract and reflect the light that carries all information and the patterns of this are what creates all the sensations we refer to as chemistry.If this is the main driving force, the main attraction in a relationship; it will all be highly stimulating, but definitely shallow. And by modern court records — predictably temporal — divorce rates are very high today and this is one of the main contributions to this fact. Sparkle is the goal and sparkle is fleeting.

This is why more conscious traditional cultures relied on arranged relationships. Here, a far more permanent event was gathered around . . . the compatibility of core-consciousness. To be with a best friend who — rather than measuring what they were getting out of you — had your gift of many lifetimes in their blood. This was the deepest and most meaningful of all relational experiences. Entering into the vast fields of like-mindedness; discovering lifetimes of deep trust. With such a partnership, the fascination reveals much later on amongst the depth of this trust.