Demolish The Idea That You Have Any Awareness At All


The first thing to demolish when you begin to truly expand your awareness is the fact that you have any awareness at all. You thought you had this whole thing worked out, you find out that your whole construct was a fiction. The people that you know, you don't know and they aren't the people that you thought you knew. You begin to recalibrate and reconnect and the only way you can do that is to surrender because if you don't surrender, and I means flat out surrender, if you hold on and you attach to outcome and you attach to preference, you do not let the deconstruction or the reconstruction to take place and you just sit and stagnate in your assumptions and you construct this whole world and that is why we yogis call it maya, it's an illusion. What we have at our fingertips today is just externalizing us. It's not making us any deeper and the interesting thing is we still gather around those who externalize the best, those who have gathered the most, those who have been most successful at consumption, the biggest house, the fastest car, everyone who walks around with a fancy watch. Hi! can I give you a ride anywhere? How about coming over to my house so you can know what time it is! Where is the person in that equation?Daily practice. It's the only way you are going to master this thing, daily practice. The best time to do it is before the sun rises because the infrared rays are at a longer curve, they actually curve around the earth two and a half hours before the rise of the sun. Infrared rays are the rays that carry messaging. Ultraviolet rays are very sharp and compressed. As a matter of fact, the infrared rays appear to be a straight line to the human eye, that is how broad the curve is. The infrared rays travel across the earth ten percent of its surface and ten percent of twenty-four hours is two and a half hours. That's why the yogis are up during that time. Do your mediation and get your messages for the day because while those infrared rays clear the brain. You can go to sleep after the rise of the sun. Once the sunlight comes up and everybody starts getting up, all of the thought waves from all of the human beings particularly in a city that is dense fill the lower atmosphere. Have you ever been to the mountains or the woods for twenty-four, forty-eight hours and when you come back here after that, don't you feel cleaner? Don't you feel clearer? That is because there is less interference where there are less people. Begin to develop your capacity to perceive without preference, to perceive without the tension and the stress in your perception. Begin to see how things actually are and once you begin to see how things actually are you will have to rearrange your schedule because things won't have the same impact on you, do it slowly, work and grow gradually and you will become more joyful. Begin to reduce the fragmentation in your perception of time space. Train your brain on something tangible. Allow breathing and moving to become a single event. Moving and breathing is a very tangible construct to train your perception. Moving and breathing are one event. The moment they become one event the whole physical operation becomes easy. The relaxation is as important as the effort. Make the connections inside your body. The body is more than just a vehicle to carry around your brain and your stomach. Body is an instrument for all of consciousness to develop around. It's a tangible instrument. You want to become the thread and you want to weave the thread into all space and you want to build a little bit more in your perception every day.