Define the Opportunities in the Obstacles


Thursday November 12 2015 There’s a strand of fear that weaves through every life in the fabric of space and time . . . ever present, even today, it can keep you clear, yet not fearful. Just as a pinch of salt brings out the flavor in food, this strand of fear is designed to bring out the reality of any moment -- separate the music from the noise -- define the opportunities in the obstacles. This strand of fear has been in the collective gene-pool of every bloodline for billions of years, guaranteeing survival for each specie within every challenge . . . a default mechanism embedded in the signatures of life itself. Today however -- after all these billions of years, and millions of incarnations, across countless planets in the multiverse -- the number of intersecting and interacting waves on the surface of spacetime has become enormous and chaordic . . . a little bit of order within a whole lot of chaos. Too many strands of fear have been cross-woven into the current fabric of every life. It is in fact an evolutionary trigger, for crisis stimulates evolution, but when humans are this consumed with fear and blinded by this much noise -- their awareness goes silent -- their consciousness numbs -- they become, in fact, dangerous. The current injustices and propensity for violence are a natural byproduct of these colliding chaordic waves . . . like sound waves compounding, your life rides the crest of these mammoth storms. Our prayer is that you ride these storms until they disappear (they will); ride them with confidence, skill and creativity. Untangle the excessive strands of fear that have woven themselves into your days; separate the noise from the music and sing a song that calms the storm . . . become an example for those less courageous to hold on to and follow. Turn this world into the sanctuary it deserves to be, with the life you deserve to live.