Deeply Sensing


Sunnia means deeply sensing beyond just what you hear. When you are told something, do you just listen to the words or do you also listen to the incredible language of tone? People have hinted about this when they told you as a child that “it's not what you say but how you say it.” Just like you have a vocabulary of thirty thousand or forty thousand words, you also have a vocabulary of several hundred thousand tones. It's the ability to see beyond the physical site, to hear beyond the physical sound. We also had many years ago, another sense called the botanical sense and we subsequently lost that. Botanical sense allowed us to look at any plant and know whether it was medicinal, nutritional or pathological. We would just be in its presence and we could sense it and not necessarily through our eyes, but we could just sense it. There were senses that we had but we lost.  Sunnia is reigniting all of these plus our capacity to hear beyond the physical sound, to see beyond the physical light – this is the next evolution.