Deep Sensing


Sense the pure existence of your life. Be aware that you are breathing. Experience the sensations in your hands and invoke the divine presence that vibrates from within and without. Allow the blessing of the divine presence to enter into the cells of your body. At some point you may feel your heart beat. Now begin to disappear into the rhythm. Disappear into the present moment. No memory and no anticipation.  Bring your hands into prayer pose at your chest and gracefully hold the space. Continue to experience the sensation of that force of prana, of chi, of life.  Raise both arms straight up to the sky and experience the prana, as it passes through your body. That unseen force, like gravity, exists beyond our vision. Let it balance your brain. Gently lower the hands down until they rest on your knees. Connect the first finger of each hand with the tip of the thumb (gyan mudra) and experience your centered and balanced condition.  Allow each breath to carry gratitude into your heart and with each breath promise that you are going to come to this moment more often. This moment is where you reside in your existence not in your definitions.