Darkness Precedes Light


When you dive into higher consciousness, you’re often responding to existential frustration, an overwhelming curiosity, a deep sense that something’s missing, or perhaps from “there must be more.” This collective protocol is highly accelerated in this moment . . . there’s extreme phenomena in the cosmos. The Universe expands -- it’s called the ‘red-shift’ -- discovered by Edwin Hubble in 1929. This rate of expansion always increases . . . caused by ‘dark energy’ driving the expansion. However, new observations of distant galaxies show that this acceleration has accelerated. Every time there’s been an accelerated expansion of human consciousness in the past, it’s been attributed to human events. But, what if the mystics and masters are correct on this one . . . they’ve been correct on so many other definitions? They say the accelerated expansion of human consciousness corresponds to the expansion of the Universe. At this time the frustration is more widespread than ever before; the missing pieces more collectively obvious; the mystical secrets are being revealed to many -- appearing right in front of the senses -- being observed by large portions of the global populace . . . the new masters are in the making. In the past there were the few outliers who’d notice reality within the collective illusion . . . they became the prophets. Today there’s a collective disintegration of ignorance . . . far more are frustrated, curious, searching and discovering. It’s happening politically; throughout religions; everywhere in spirituality . . . cultures are experiencing a massive increase in movement. The rate of expansion in human consciousness [is] directly responding to the accelerating rate of the red-shift. So you have no control over it; it will become more pronounced, and chaos is going to increase . . . the dark before dawn. Our prayer is that you’re preparing for what’s to come; that you’re aware that darkness precedes light; that you’re learning to ride this wave of ‘red-shifting’ momentum with balance; that you’re the new leadership . . . a ‘ship’ guiding new times . . . a master amongst masters . . . a prophet amongst prophets. Welcome to who you really are.