Daily Practice


Seekers of awakening; students of infinity; practitioners of life’s arts and sciences of consciousness often complain that meditation is not greeted by the pleasantness of openness; the attitudes of readiness, or a heartfelt sense of willingness, but instead are confronted by noise and blockages. This is because meditation disassembles old fixed patterns and reassembles them into ones that better serve new moments on the path of awakening. This is not always a dance -- sometime it’s a struggle -- especially when you approach patterns that’ve become attachments. Like ploughing old land to plant new seeds, there are times when the plough strikes large rocks. These rocks are deeply attached to the ground right where they are; there are ancient reasons for each of these rocks -- attachments have deep meaning and their patterns hold the maps of many pathways you can put to great use. Most people’s deep patterns have been in place, not just in this lifetime, but for incarnations. They’re entrenched in the biology of generations; the cosmology of incarnations, not just the fantasy of this moment. The subconscious believes these attachments are protecting life itself, and will hold on for dear life. This is not the time to be concerned, but a moment to concentrate and discover the circles inside the attachments, and the cycles inside the desires . . . this is the discovery that will set you free. This is the entrainment of meditation -- not about getting it right, but getting right to it; not about proving who you are, but improving who you are. It’s about being cognoscente of the rhythms, cycles, and circles of attachment and desire in relation to your experiences . . . allowing experience to touch meaning . . . to find purpose. Our prayer in these times of darkness: have a daily practice of meditation, and when it runs into rocks -- sit with the rocks to learn from them; when it runs into noise -- sit with the noise until it turns into the music of the winds and the spheres. Run with these winds; discover their magical harmonies . . . the rocks will show back up, again asking to be dissolved and resolved . . . after all, it’s a meditation.