Daily Practice


Awareness of life’s deepest levels adds mastery to the mystery that follows. Time, and therefore life, are born at this quantum level, it's known as ‘Purusha’ . . . time before the measure of any time has arrived. You exist in these moments before they are time, and the closer your awareness opens to this point, the more momentum is generated in your life. This is the magical portion of a moment . . . this is where the angels, archangels, fairies, and guides exist. The indigenous Celtics, as well as other advanced cultures, deeply understood these energetics amongst nature; they built legends and charts that were used to access them in deep states of trance. They understood that fairies guide the etheric ‘winds’ of nature; your sails are the ‘angles’ of the ‘angels’ and ‘archangels’ through which these pre-moments are moved and inspired by the etheric ‘winds’. Being aware of the fairies, guides and angels is an essential part of an awakened life . . . they bring you ‘luck’. The word 'luck' comes from the root-word 'lux' -- meaning light -- when you are in luck -- you are in the light. Yoga -- over the millennia -- developed the science of krya, mantra, mudra, asana, pranayama and meditation . . . all to guide the psycho-emotional, and physical ability, to master -- with a daily practice -- this light-filled realm of time before time. Prayerful moments also create further effectiveness in this connection. Prayerful moments put your brain into a ‘theta-wave-state’ -- this is the receptive state where the energetic guidance of lucky angles, angels, archangels, guides and fairies is received. With consistency, this work translates into the physical world . . . and time becomes your friend and a tool. Our prayer is that you pray; that you practice “something” on a daily basis to put you in touch with this time before time; that in these immeasurable moments you are ‘guided’ to be exactly what you dream of being; then share your dreams with everyone interested in mastering their mystery.