Existence is motion, right down to the particles within the atoms there's constant motion. Motion maintains location at every moment . . . this allows an identity to unfold its purpose. This is natural and meaningful, but also a problem. All this identity and purpose stirs up attachment to identity and purpose, which then produces conflicting identities and cross-purposes . . . the natural and essential often becomes violent. Non-motion -- beyond this three and four dimensional nature isn’t limited, identified, or experienced by the senses. This is absolute clarity, but when in it, existence cannot be influenced. Like the clarity of a pond before motion stirs up the silt, this is the nature of total calm. The key is in the balance of purpose and calm . . . this creates benevolent influence. Crystal is the root of the word Christ; the root of Krishna . . . it is absolute clarity. When you are this clear, the physical, emotional, and psychological bodies have no blockages . . . they serve as a lens for the light body. In this way you're no longer limited inside three and four dimensions to a single location, or a single moment; you’re free to explore the cosmos beyond the challenges of time, to locate their matching solutions, explanations and answers. This is the nature of your awakening; it’s the ultimate purpose of your life in the human form. Your light-body’s mission is an ancient code contained within the combinations and permutations of your genealogy and cosmology . . . your ancestry and your incarnations. Your light-body's mission is to solve the dilemmas found in this world of your time and space . . . this is your puzzle . . . you’re the un-puzzler. As Lord Krishna said to Arjuna, “You knew what you’d face here on Earth, before you ever came to this Earth.” In order to rise into this awareness of clarity, you must transform into your higher character through the dilemmas of these Earthly pressures. Our prayer is that you apply yourself daily -- with absolutely everything you do -- to create a personal practice to become that Christ; to become that Krishna; to become that crystal-clarity, and spread light into the darkness of these darkest of times.