Create Heaven on Earth


There’s an expression in religion and spirituality, “As above . . . so below.” This refers to the connections that are all around you. There are worlds and universes inside and outside your universe -- there’s the astronomically large, and the infinitesimally small. Both are somewhat invisible to your senses . . . not invisible because they don’t exist, but because you’re simply unable to see them. Some objects are made visible by using lenses -- like a microscope and telescope that view the light from the object. The wavelength of visible light is between 4000 and 7000 angstroms (one ten-billionth of a meter). But the atoms in the universe are thousands of times smaller than the shortest waves of visible light. There’s no material on Earth, from which a lens can be crafted, that’s capable of viewing this size of matter . . . it’s “invisible.” And also, every atom has an even smaller connecting crystal structure to every other atom; you are physically connected to everything. Crystallography is the science that analyzes the light transmitted, reflected, diffracted and refracted from these invisible crystal connections between you and everything. This all sounds mystical, but it’s actually very practical. Even though you’re incapable of physically viewing these connections, your human consciousness is aware of what your eyes can’t see. Down within the subatomic electrons, protons and neutrons and beyond outer space -- when freed from the separations of all measure -- when you release your focus on the molecular visible world -- you can experience your connection with everything. The most compelling traps that keep you “blind” are slander, hatred, gossip, fear and doubt. When you engage your faith of knowing without any reason to know, you move beyond these traps. Our prayer is that you find the courage to release the blindness that separates you in this visible world; have faith in the invisible connections that hold us all, and embrace these invisible bonds. This will create a world that nourishes you and supports every form of life to thrive in . . . this will create a heaven on Earth.