Create Conscious Rhythms


In ancient yogic teachings, moments were measured in what they called taals . . . the rhythms and coordination of the breaths and heartbeats -- either 3/4 or 4/4 based timings. 3/4 is the rhythm of the heart, and 4/4 is the rhythm of the brain. Your ability to absorb and make sense of life is determined by these rhythms . . . your experience is always based on the attitude of your inhale, and the voice you attach to each exhale. 3/4 is the timing of a waltz . . . the music of the heart . . . it draws people together. 4/4 is the timing of a march, and other classical compositions . . . these rhythms draw your thoughts together . . . they clarify the mind. In the late 1970’s, it was discovered that classical music, in 4/4 time, was the best to play in the background when you’re studying and absorbing information . . . it’s called ‘super-learning’ and music systems were developed. Think of your life -- you always have a variety of tasks before you . . . tasks that require connections, and other tasks that require individual clarity. There are also moments that require both individual clarity and togetherness. Something to watch for when there’s this combined need for clarity within togetherness . . . mental clarity can be critical in nature; critical natures are disruptive to togetherness. 'Clarity with togetherness' requires a unique balance between your heart and your head . . . you must literally be breathing in something divisible by both a 3 and 4 . . . the ancient musicians developed a powerful rhythm of 12 for this purpose. This is also the very tuning of nature . . . a year is divided by 12, with 4 seasons of 3 months each; the zodiac is divided into 12 signs, with 4 elements of 3 signs each; a day has 12 hours, as does the night . . . all of these are measures of moments that need both clarity and togetherness. Our prayer is that you create conscious rhythms in every moment of your life; with your breathing, connect your moment to live in clarity; approach every day to achieve what it’s there for, and live your life as a mastery, not a mystery . . . find comfort in the yogic discipline of consciously breathing.