Create a Brand New Bridge to Peace


The cosmos is an elegant masterpiece -- an unequaled marvel, but when you think about it, you must understand that it's not your thoughts that you're thinking. You in fact do not have a mind, you have a brain. Consider looking at this brain like a two-way radio, it receives signals on many frequencies from one vast magnanimous station -- the universal mind -- then translates them and shares these signals as thoughts with others. Back and forth, on and on, this process continues. It's actually the mind of the entire universe; even the entire megaverse; it produces all thoughts for all reasons. Your thoughts are not personal, they're universal . . . all the way from the most auspicious to the most despicable . . . thoughts of all kinds, for all occasions. It's a sacred geometry, the system that assembles your thoughts -- a web that has no weaver -- it's the nature of what you call your mind, but it's not yours, you just borrow its thoughts, like everyone else does. The qualities, accuracies, permutations and combinations of thoughts are only as good as your ability to surrender in the ocean of faith and trust that this universe floats in. Surrender to this, and you are fully in tune, completely in touch, for when you surrender, you gain access, you receive fresh new thought, thought that applies to this very moment and all its issues . . . not old thoughts from previous moments that are rehashed and applied to now. That old thought applied to this moment is what stagnates in the world today; causes old grudges, broken ideas and bigotry to result in violence. It's not simplistic, but it's very realistic -- surrender to faith and trust; gain access to this universal mind; use the fresh thoughts to solve the real challenges of today with real solutions generated exactly for today. Our prayer is that you have this courage, the discipline in your heart to be this pioneer; to take the risk and receive these fresh thoughts that have never been thought before; develop the skills to express these ideas and pray for those who might listen to them. Create a brand new bridge to peace -- for the old bridge has long been washed away.