Courageous Leaders


The fragrance of your life’s purpose permeates the heart; your tongue is intuitively attracted to the taste of it. The French word for living in the heart is ‘courage’. The tongue is an actual extension of the fascia surrounding the heart . . . the tongue connects the heart to the outside. This is why we speak with, taste the flavors of life with, and kiss with it . . . each are sensations from the heart. The mind is deeply satisfied by meditating on these sensations; the body finds the ease of good health in them. Such are the pure musings of the ‘imaginal cells’ -- ideas deep inside the chrysalis of your heart's projection and prayer. These ‘cells’ are imaginative seeds of your future potential; they contain a blueprint of the most perfect you, living beyond any limits found in your current world. Each one of these ‘cells’ operates independently as an individual seed, an idea within this purpose -- like a single-cell organism. Sometimes your attitude will regard these ‘imaginal cells’ to be invaders, to be threats -- because they are in fact a disruption to the status quo. Like any threat to this “normal,” these ‘imaginal cells’ will be attacked by your emotional 'immune system' of doubts. But if you’re blessed -- your imagination will persist -- these ‘imaginal cells’ will multiply and connect with each other to form clusters that resonate together until they reach a tipping point . . . and then the “butterfly” of your life’s purpose emerges from the status quo. Such is the experience of every courageous leader, born out of challenge to discover new ways to meet the challenge, and then work with others to transform imagination into reality. Our prayer is that you realize you’re one of these courageous leaders; that you’re always transforming with the boundlessness of your own imaginal cells; that you know deep inside your imagination that you’re destined to fulfill your purpose. And each day you find it in your heart -- in your heartfelt words and actions -- the courage to give a smile, and get a smile . . . to give a hug, and get a hug . . . the fragrance of purpose is like a giant game of tag . . . and you’re it.