Cosmic Chatter (Part I)


There is always a cosmic chatter surrounding each of us; a collective etheric conversation that promotes and denotes our vision. When this appears as resistance to progress, what question do you ask? Is it “why is this blocking me?” or “where is this leading me?”Remember that resistance is only resistance when you resist it. When you embrace it, it transforms into guidance.

Intention is a handle onto which life is able to grasp. When guided by this cosmic chatter, life takes hold of your intention. This might feel contrary to your intended direction, counter to your pre-determination or even chaotic. But remember that these are the winds of change – a force that is to be used, not consumed or disrupted. The result will lie in your interpretation.

If this were the only piece of advice that would bring chaos to its conclusion, would you not want to join it? It’s up to you to trust this question, and to allow your character to trust the transformation, even if you’re not sure of the new formation.