Cooperating for a Collective Win


When the migrations out of Africa began, the fork in the road was where Israel is today. There were those who turned left and ended up in the northern regions of Russia and Europe. Those who turned right, ended up settling in South Asia. When the ice ages came with relentless speed, those who were in today’s Russia and Europe were devastated, their food sources wiped out . . . they resorted to hunting, killing and eating meat. In the animal kingdom, carnivores are the only ones who divide territories and protect them aggressively. The herbivores eat together, share land together without aggression. The Himalayas (the only major east west mountain range in the world) protected South Asia from the glacial advances. Those that turned right, all that time ago, were not disturbed by the ice and spent their millennia developing great knowledge, wisdom and sharing everything. This is where living food, the metaphysical sciences and fantastic arts were first developed. But because of the vast aggression that comes with territory -- carnivores have now dominated the Earth. In the aggressive times, of territory and individual wealth, life has been about being the greatest; competing with others; winners and losers. Now, in these new times -- in order to survive -- life requires being great; seeing everyone as equal to you and cooperating for a collective win. Everyone in the new times will need to be treated with respect -- lifted with the common tide -- held in highest esteem -- embraced with equality, not mechanisms of hierarchy. It’s now known to climate scientists -- for all humanity to be fed, your diet will have to be plant based; your attitudes will have to be sharing and caring . . . not competing and fighting. Human success in the new times will favor collective health, and collective wealth, for all life on the planet . . . not just humans. Our prayer is that you are ready to depart from the old normal; take on your new role of a master teacher, and teach the ancient collective wisdom by example; embrace everyone and enjoy their accomplishments as much as your own. Be the change that’s essential to thrive.