Everybody who looks at you gives you a message with a look. You need to learn to read the messaging and you will be able to know what it is that you are in
everyone's eyes. Then half the conversation's in the world would stop. I observe my reflection, which is what we just described. When you sit in that dynamic silence you observe the exact reflection and you go to the third thing for the angle of direction, which is how you are going to respond, the ability to respond.
Now you all do this at all times but you really need to start practicing this in the really important times. You have to be really pragmatic with this incredible magic. You have to be very logical as well. Set aside sometime everyday to really capture what is important in your world so that you're not just jumping up in
the morning and going about your routine. Does that make sense to everybody in the room, that it's not appropriate to just jump up in the morning and go on your way. If you're mowing the lawn, do you just crank that thing up and just go? Neighbor's roses, your tulips? No, there is a system to mowing the lawn.
The brief take away is very simple. Your equal to your image. This is where that old saying comes from that you're never given more than you can take. What you are to experience in that dynamic silence is exactly who you are and that's actually what you experience as reflected by the omniscience of your environment. The omnipresence of your environment, exactly who you are. Once you get that sensation then you can make a choice, how do I want to respond and you will be given the how if you're courageous enough to wait for the moment to know it. When you're courageous enough to wait until the moment to know it then you will know exactly it. This is the whole dynamic of being human. If you want to know in advance then you will get some trumped up idea. It may work, may not, maybe a proven tactic, now you're tactical, which is very logical, which is very boring ultimately. Burt if you really want to live life right in the very moment so that you maximize the experience of your be continued.