Construct Of The Mental Body


A nation that will spend five hundred billion dollars a year to kill people and will argue over the way it is going to get the money to get people to be healthy and alive, is a nation we should all walk away from. A nation is a concept . . . it's a construct of the mental body.What do you stand for? Who are you? Why do you exist and how are you going to establish that reason for existence before you leave this body? Or in that last breathe when that whole scene flashes before you, are you going to say: oh ! . . . that will bring you back . . . if you have that despair. If you have that despair in the last breath of your life because of aunt Janie and uncle Fred and this person and that person . . . if you got this long construct of why it is that you're not doing what you know you should be doing . . . the surprise is they don't go with you, you go alone. So nobody in that moment of you leaving is connected to anything that was controlling you while you were here. In that moment of leaving, you don't answer to them, so, therefore, here and now . . . don't answer to them.