Consider the Options in Each Moment


Think about riding on a train, you’re looking out the window at the countryside, and suddenly you have an Einsteinian moment . . . you see the world going by, but you also see your reflection in the window. Which layer do you focus on? You can switch back and forth between the two. When you’re sensing your world, which layer are you sensing . . . your reflection, or the world? What are you viewing in this world -- what other layers are available beyond what you’re perceiving . . . what other perspectives . . . what other worlds can you use? This is the question that inspired Einstein to define his theories -- theories that have all been proven . . . so they are actually not theories. The illusions in the window on a moving vehicle are only the beginning of the possibilities. In addition to this there are countless possible outcomes to every moment depending on which layer you focus on. The existence of multiple universes, though never observed, has been well established using mathematical data in modern cosmology, and using high velocity particles in astro-physics. This all indicates that the matter you observe -- the galaxies, the stars, and planets -- only account for 5% of the calculated universe. This is the logical, predictable portion that you perceive, but there are layers upon layers that actually exist . . . the other 95% of what’s out there all around you. Which layer is your destiny coming through; which part of all this are you relating to when you think or dream of your possibilities; which part of all this is controlling the way you feel from moment to moment? Our prayer is that you consider the magnitude of this universe when your thoughts and emotions are controlling you -- and controlling your possibilities from moment to moment; that you realize there are many other layers that can contribute to a different moment . . . a moment that coexists with this one. From now on, consider the options in each moment . . . this is your freedom . . . this is your power and your gift of being a ‘hu’ ‘man’ being . . . a being with light in your mind . . . use your light -- and a little time -- and change the image . . . change the outcome.