Consciousness relates space with time, and it’s the key to liberating any restrictions of space and time. Consciousness holds the atoms, molecules and cells in the forms of their form, and yet -- when expanded further -- it accesses dimensions beyond these forms . . . the dimensions with all the solutions for these forms. Three and a half million years ago, human ancestors mastered standing up . . . after four million years of trying. Standing up introduced the third dimension of spatial depth, and with it came spatial movement and its interpretation as time. These two new dimensions solved many physical problems, even scarcity of food was solved as this expansion allowed for migration over greater distances where there was more abundant food. There’s a new expansion in human consciousness; this time into dimensions only currently known in dreams . . . this is the new standing up . . . the new evolution. Your physical form is maintained, and this physical world is navigated by using the most basic levels of your awareness . . . your consciousness. It's been this way for millions of years, since the earlier developments of conscious reflection, when physical standing up fully introduced this third dimension of space and the fourth dimension of time. As the human brain delved deeper into measuring space and time, it developed ‘economics’ as a trusted system for tracking and measuring the movements. Trust is now breaking down . . . these economics don't serve all of life. With the introductions of new dimensions, there will also be a new economics . . . a new discipline for measuring and maintaining value. This is the current battle -- old traditions fighting new evolution . . . crisis will be the determining factor . . . trust will be the judge. This new standing up will again solve problems of life, and like the old standing up, those who doubt it, will fight it. With old traditional thinking, you won’t recognize the new dimensions . . . you can’t understand what you don’t experience. Our prayer is that you become a pioneer of the new dimensions; travel and map them every day; learn from your mistakes and master your strengths, and become the trust that evolves.