Conscious Self-Discovery


Yoga and meditation practices developed in many parts of the world simultaneously. Relics in museums of pre-history, from Latin America, to Africa, to Asia display stone carvings and clay sculptures of yoga postures well over ten thousand years old. Then why did this only survive as a part of India's culture? From the east-west spin of the Earth -- and the resulting movement of the continental plates -- all major mountains ranges run north and south . . . except for the Himalayas. When the many Ice Ages descended on the Earth, the Himalayas protected the Indian subcontinent. In all the other parts of the world, the ice ages eliminated the normal human ‘herbivore’ food supply. The survivors resorted to eating anything that was left . . . an herbivore’s diet became primarily carnivorous -- the gatherers became hunters. The results are found in the archaeological remains -- human ancestors, everywhere but South Asia, took on the territorial natures and habits of carnivores. Carnivores are the only animals that control territory . . . the ‘glacial’ lives of humans were reduced to the constant competition for their food and land. Violence was employed to control these lands, and the development of weapons turned the innovations of a benevolent mind -- into the martial nature of war, and a violent mind. In South Asia -- where the Ice Ages never touched -- the benevolent mind continued to develop the civility of yoga and meditation; nutritional vegetarian cuisine; ayurvedic herbal/mineral medicines and other naturally healthy practices; thread and weaving of the first fabric for clothing; sails were developed for boats and they explored further into the ‘round’ world; astronomy, astrology, higher math and science emerged. All of this was created from peaceful minds, and the sharing consciousness of benevolent communities. Our prayer is that you include meaningful moments of conscious self-discovery in your own daily routine; look closely to determine which habits are left-over subtle “violence” and which ones are benevolence . . . make gentle shifts . . . calm down your mind and world . . . “be the changes you want to experience.”