Conscious Digestion


“When you swallow food that is not chewed properly, it swallows your strength, your life. Then nothing is left of you. Slow eating is one of the best meditations on this Earth.”

--Yogi Bhajan

It is the same for thoughts and words. If they are not carefully weighed and properly delivered, they may take strength away from the person you address . . . or they may take life out of you. I worked with a great woman on this matter. She had ulcers and all kinds of assimilation problems. After a short while I poked and provoked her some . . . on a particular form of sentence and words that she was obviously avoiding. Every time I mentioned it,  she kept throwing it back at me, unable to pronounce the whole sentence  out loud… she choked on it every time.  She said that she had come to terms with this particular subject last time it hurt so much and swore to herself that it would not hurt her anymore. She had been chewing on this forever because she was trying to digest it. Every time it came up, she chewed some more and swallowed it. Her ulcer started at about that time.

What makes us think that we can eat what we don't want to start with? Time plays an important role in this. As Yogi Bhajan says: 'Slow eating is one of the best meditations on Earth!'

When we choose to eat slowly, we choose to appreciate our food, to develop a caring relationship with our body. When we choose to chew our words before we offer them, we elevate ourselves and others and we build healthy relationships.

We do not have to swallow food that is not good for us. We do not have to give this to our body to digest! We do not have to swallow words or thoughts that do not give us life. We do not have to give it to our heart to process. We have self-authority and complete power to choose food that gives us life. We have self-authority to choose words and thoughts that soothe and bring living joy to the heart. So yes, chew well, chew for a long time… but choose well what you chew on.

Recipe for digestion: My very favorite is mint. I love it for growing so abundantly and perfuming the morning air with such a fresh scent that seems to connect me directly to the magical realm of nature.

Chew on a few leaves and feel the magic of breath.

Kundalini yoga: Sit in rock pose, make a ''O'' with your lips and breathe in as if you would take sips of air. Do this until full, then rotate your belly to the right for half the time you hold the breath and to the left for the other half, as you hold in the air, then come center and and slowly exhale. Do this 3 times, not more than twice a day on an empty stomach.  This is called Vatskar Dhouti Krya. Yogi Bhajan said that one could digest rocks by doing this!

Shant Joti, healer, astrologer and life coach. Info: