Conscious Connection


Each of your physical body cells contains what’s called qi, chi, or prana . . . the ‘life-force’ in English. You produce this force, which literally sustains your life, out of the food and oxygen you take in. Consciously connecting to this physical process brings emotional fulfillment, and mental clarity, and makes each moment meaningful. There are also ‘photonic nano-crystals’ surrounding each one of these physical body cells, they comprise your ‘light-body’ . . . this literally guides your physical body through spacetime. Without this connection, you're just a physical form, wandering in the psycho-emotional wilderness . . . like most everyone. To assist you in this wilderness, there's a melody and rhythm attached to the ‘life-force’, it leads you when you’re aware of it. Called 'Naad' by the ancient masters, and 'quantum strings' in modern science -- being aware of this allows you to follow its subtle, intuitive markers . . . your life becomes extraordinary . . . you’re tuned into nature. All of this may sound complex, but it ties together with your breathing and your voice. Mimicking the beat of your heart, and the sound of your breath, is a simple way to tune in to all this. Take a few minutes each day and practice a breathing meditation: as you inhale, mentally think the sound ‘sssssssst’ (the subtle sound of the inhale) -- and as you exhale mentally think the sound ‘nnnnnnnnm’ (the subtle sound of the exhale) -- or as it’s phonetically spelled -- inhale ‘Sat’ and exhale ‘Nam’. As you do this, use the tips of your fingers to gently tap a slow heartbeat rhythm on the sternum of your chest. This meditation will consciously connect you to your breath of life, and to the rhythm of your ‘Naad’ . . . the rhythm of all life. Our prayer is that you consciously establish this connection; that you use this connection to guide your life into extraordinary moments; that these moments inspire great ideas, fulfillment, and health with every breath you take . . . you are the light . . . Sat Nam.