Connection to the Universal Mind


You do not have a mind, you have a brain . . . the Universe has a mind. The brain -- like a radio -- has the ability to receive broadcasts from various sources, including its own memory of the past and the future, or the Universal mind. Your brain can be used to process the history in memory; the future in your anticipation from history, or to experience the moment . . . the one right before you. It can be used to process feelings and emotions; thoughts you already have . . . recounting and reconsidering. It can also assemble thoughts from the thoughts and feelings of others. There’s more advanced usages of the brain however: accessing the universal mind, from which all original thought is formed; diving into intuition, from which real solutions are found, and introducing new concepts into the human conversation. The way to access these advanced abilities is what the ancients referred to as ‘sunia’ and ‘shunya’ . . . deep listening in the complete silence of nothing. Here you notice the subtle signals that are without previous mention or momentum. In order to experience the momentum in the moment of the present, the memory of the past and the future must become silent; in order to access new information, the opinions must become silent; in order to open the intuition, the obvious senses must become silent. There are so many advantages to the silent brain, but this requires training in the form of a meditative practice . . . practice . . . daily practice. The brain is like a child . . . always asking for attention, and one form of meditation practice is to pay attention to this child . . . allow it to speak. When it runs out of things to say, you have a few moments of perfect silence. Practice this over time and you get the “child” accustomed to being heard. It then becomes more respectful of your silence. Our prayer is that you work with your brain’s connection to the universal mind -- listen and capture moments of silence; use these moments of silence to access new, intuitive and revelation-ary solutions to the conditions you, and this world face. Become one of the prophets of the times to come . . . lead this world into time with intuitive love.