Connection is the New Protection


The next evolution can be boiled down to a very simple statement: it is the shifting of perception from safety to connectivity. What is the old saying? 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'. Connection is the new protection. Mutual well-being is the new survival. If you keep your enemies close for a long enough period of time, they cease being your enemy. When we become mutually familiar, we become mutually understanding — and mutual understanding is a lasting relationship. We have to recalibrate our senses — our sensory system — in order to achieve this. We have to recalibrate that which controls our consciousness unconsciously...

Because, even though we have an intellectual understanding . . . to a degree we have an emotional sense of connection . . . we are slightly associated with strangers around us . . . we are still instinctively driven by millions of years of protection programming running in the background of our brains. We choose to feel unsafe as a means of safety . . . it is programmed into the collective unconscious.

There are two aspects to the unconscious: the subconscious and the super-conscious. The subconscious drives the emotions; and the super-conscious drives the devotions. The subconscious tries to establish our protection and the super-conscious tries to establish our connection. Both our emotions and our devotions will require significant recalibration. We have built in protection policies in each of them.