Happy Birthday Yogi Bhajan

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The great teacher, Yogi Bhajan, was a master of Kundalini Yoga, and is a master of life itself. He said he learned this mastery from inside the fires of his life, and encouraged everyone to use challenges as an instrument of growth. He said it's here where you're forged into the caliber of your destined character . . . this is the 'rasa' -- the essence of who you are. Existence is just this -- an interactive character “game” played at the level of the soul. The “game” is mandatory once you’re born into the physical body, yet the dichotomy of the “game” is that the subjects are the lives of your incarnations. And though the “game” is “deadly” serious as well as humorous, there’s no opting out of the game at any point . . . not even death. The experience of the game allows you to ultimately choose to transcend your death.

Today is the anniversary of Yogi Bhajan’s birth. Now is a great time for you to master your game and use this mastery to help move humanity into the next dimension. Here, humanity will enable another evolutionary transformation . . . the dawning of the “Age of Aquarius.” Here you live as a soul-body beyond the “game”, yet are committed to life in the physical . . . an illusionary image of the finite playing in the field of infinity. Not being fully committed, knows no relationship to the soul. This is why the deep “infinity” stretching in kundalini yoga is so dear to the process. This infinity stretching physically joins your faith as an alternate threshold of reality. Duality becomes the dungeon in this "game” and faith overcomes duality with love . . . a fully surrendered (infinity stretched) state. Faith is the awareness that infinity cannot be defined and must therefore be counted on without real first hand knowledge. This is the finite game -- this is everything, and everything else is a complex fabrication of codes to un-fabricate the illusion. 

Our prayer is that you’re discovering these return paths for the soul to reenter infinity from the finite illusion; that this merging -- this quickening -- becomes the purpose of your life in all the days of your gift in this incarnation.

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