Life is Not Happenchance


The emotional, mental and physical aspects of life have unique cycles. These cycles are: the 7 year cycle of the emotional body; the 11 year cycle of the mental body; the 18 year cycle of the physical body. There are also certain times in life when the end/beginning moments of these periods nearly coincide with one another -- when two or three of these cycles form periods of combined influence. These are known as proportional clusters. An example is when the 18 year cycle of your physical body -- occurs near the 21 year (3x7) cycle of your emotional body -- occurring right next to the 22 years (2x11) cycle of the mental body.

Charting these cycles and clusters reveals a map of life’s influences. Life is not happenchance -- it’s a chartable opportunity that unfolds under predictable influences. Knowing this puts important science into the art of living. When you use this measurable and predictable nature of science -- in combination with the creative and joyful style of art -- you have an accurate and joyful life. (Some practical references of these cycles) The 7 year cycle of the emotional body has been referred to as: “The seven year itch” and “Break a mirror -- you get seven years bad luck.” The 11 year cycle of the mental body is identical to the 11 year cycle of the Sun’s solar storms . . . light photons (that feed the pineal gland in the brain) storming toward Earth. The 18 year cycle of your physical body refers to -- all the cells of your body are known to be replaced every eighteen years . . . you are never older than 18, except for your memories. This is why it is so vital for you to recapitulate your memories through meditation . . . hold the great ones close to your heart, and release painful charges from bad ones . . . bad memories without this charge are instructive lessons. 

Our prayer is that you honor all your bodies: feed your physical body with great nutrition, exercise and rest; feed your emotional body with effective and cleansing meditation -- reshaping your responses to the moments of life; feed your mental body with the discipline of constructive thinking (mindfulness) . . . do this with both the science of knowledge, and the art of joy. 

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