Enthusiasm and Inspiration

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Sailing the winds of enthusiasm and inspiration are as close to total freedom as you can get in a physical body . . . all that’s required are the sails of believing. To the contrary -- doubt is extremely costly -- it will cost you your momentum; your belief; your faith, and your energy in any moment. Every day doubt struggles against the winds and ultimately loses touch with your dreams. The paths of enthusiasm and inspiration are neither logical, nor reasonable . . . you must simply believe you have the authority . . . that’s that. Claiming this authority is always questioned by doubt -- this is why the true value of enthusiasm and inspiration has to be unreasonable . . . claim them both without any "arguable" reason. When logical doubt faces off against this unreasonable inspiration and enthusiasm -- there’s no contest -- the advantage is always on the side without reasons . . . there are no handles to hold and divert the energy.

It takes on the appearance of great courage and focus, yet it’s gentle and simply “from the heart.” This is the exact nature of nature; this is how everything in this Universe has evolved through the eons of time. It all evolved against tremendous odds within innumerable doubts. It's the survival of the most fit, and the ones that fit together most agreeably have always prevailed. Strength and fitness are achieved by lifting against the opposing forces. Overcoming opposition without reasons says you deserve to be equal to the moment; gives you momentum and traction to experience clarity in the midst of chaos . . . this is evolution . . . this is in fact the Cosmic reality . . . this is the Universal law. It’s this equality that allows ‘time’ to do the heavy lifting, while inspired enthusiasm makes the decisions of direction through ‘space’. 

Our prayer is that you take huge advantage of this natural law; allow it to unfold your authority to be unreasonably enthusiastic with every single day; to face your gains and losses with unreasonable inspiration and choose your own direction . . . allow your inherent freedom to do the rest.

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