Serve Everyone Equally

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When you build a world comparing the positives and negatives of helping less advantaged people achieve self-sufficiency, you encounter the false obstacles facing those who believe in helping others by helping everyone. This is a counter argument that the welfare class should fend for themselves . . . a common form of ignorance in a world caught in ancient aggression and competition that leaves many behind. This is the faulty nature of an herbivore (the entire human species) who has -- through fifty thousand years of survival instincts -- become an unnatural carnivore. In order to make any progress within this conversation of caring for everyone, you must change the concept of time, and all the space that accompanies it. These new conversations will center around a world of lifetimes, not just a single life. The concept of time -- in the old and limited version of this conversation -- is about exhaustion and rejuvenation as a product of your individual ability through time.

But the successful contrary is about measuring time in an arc of lifetimes. Within this more advanced conversation, you're looking beyond the immediate win, and into the collective concept of an ultimate win . . . not today as a moment of harvest, but of planting seeds for a crop to bear fruit over a far longer arc of lifetimes. This is a posterity (after Earth) transition from the selfish to the purposeful -- from the need of individual needs, to the need of serving all needs. These are the transitions from competition to compatibility and a higher arc of time that serves everyone equally. 

Our prayer is that you realize mutual growth is the future of life; that caring and sharing sustains the longer term beyond any moment; that the future of life will not be competed for, but will be a tide of support that lifts all ships.

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