Naam: Your Sigh of Relief

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 There are events around sacred space and time that have practical explanations in three and four dimensional -- common sense vocabulary. These are the subtle and faintly experienced moments perceived only through the ultra-sensory human processes. One of these subtle sensations is the experience of quantum sound or shabd . . . “reciting the holy names” . . . the Naam. This is usually a sound, a word, a mantra, used in deep meditation. Naam simran is when this becomes a continuous repetition of these mantras -- these sounds -- these names of the holy. The word Naam actually describes the sound of a deeply satisfied exhale . . . an expression of total relief. It’s the sound of “nnnn-mmm” -- a common expression that's exactly the same no matter what language is used. The concept of holding people to unexplained standards in using these techniques of deep relief, is a kind of fanaticism that distorts religious and spirit based cultures.

The founders -- the ones whose names and likeness are often being used -- never practiced rigidity, or were overly specific and absolute. But fanaticism rarely listens to their tolerance and evolutionary understandings . . . a standing under and supporting the movement toward collective enlightenment. They prefer exclusivity, and when there’s chaotic growth, followers become insecure and need rigidity to feel safe. Great latitude is found among the masters, but not the followers. This verifies an old saying, “The trouble with great leaders is that they gather great followers. Then when they die, only the great followers are left.” It’s essential for paths -- wending their way through this current human environment -- to bring back the tolerance and understanding of true leadership to evolve with these times. Masters would say: “What cannot be experienced, and any experience that’s not explained, is of no value to the human psyche.  

Our prayer is that you question openly and honestly and experience deeply; that you listen to the guidance within you, as equal to what’s around you, and with the mind and heart of mastery, let the subtlety of Naam be your sigh of relief.

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