Ride Your Life into Its Fullness

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 Parallel lives, like waves, can occupy the same spaces at the same times. Waves and lives are the engagements and displacements of matter by the forces of energy and consciousness. You are, in fact, many people simultaneously, these are the parallel lives to the one you’re focused on and living in. These are the other waves of your consciousness that are available to either haunt you, or guide you, from behind the invisible curtain of your focus. Take advantage and they give you hints for success, by shifting the angles of your perception in any moment. Some of these parallel lives are higher and more conscious than your current focus -- some are lower and less conscious . . . all of them are right here, right now.

The amplitude of a wave is the measure between the height at the crest and depth of the troof. Amplitude of life is governed by your history and your DNA. As you’re attempting to grow, this amplitude casts a limit, but it can be moved through the force of your heart (your absolute will), or the force of the mind (your creative intuition). You can take advantage of these parallel lives by including their supporting parts, like quantum waves in your world. Working inside these quantum parts, each moment has four quadrants . . . four parts of the wave. The first quadrant accumulates as much of the momentum as is possible. It's this accumulation that’s able to expose the possibilities, opportunities and inclinations. The second quadrant balances in the neutrality of sensation so that the possibilities can speak, and you listen . . . appreciation without agenda. The third quadrant takes on action without concern for the outcome . . . faith and trust are the “muscles” of this quadrant. The fourth quadrant of the wave is the surrender, this is ‘for•giving’ yourself toward the present, regardless of what’s gone wrong in the past. This is about the success of maintaining motion rather than emotion. 

Our prayer is that you ride the waves of your existence to fulfill your intentions; that you learn to use these four quadrants with yoga and meditation, and ride your life into its fullness.

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